Dating can be complicated enough, especially when it comes to communication, growing, and learning with your significant other.  When the two of you can’t see eye to eye, look to the stars to help you learn how to best get your point across.  Maybe just understanding how each of you operates differently will be eye opening and an experience in and of itself.  Here are a few ways the stars communicate with each other.


Brutal Honesty

Signs like Leo, Sagittarius, and Capricorn are very honest in their communication.  They will tell you like it is without much inner thought process.  They might not realize their brutal honesty is coming across that boldly, so it could be hard for someone with a more delicate, sensitive nature to hear what they are saying without feeling hurt.  If both parties understand this is just the nature of these signs, it might reveal more consideration and thought of how messages are sent and received in your relationship.


Expression Overload

Star signs like Aquarius, Aries and Taurus are big and bold in their expression.  They are passionate and express themselves unapologetically.  Their feelings reign supreme and they have big words to describe them.  It could present difficulties when communicating with someone who uses big words and ideas to express themselves, especially if you are someone who is more understated in their messages.  Knowing where each person comes from will give you greater success communicating with these signs.

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Irony and Sarcasm

Geminis, Virgos and Scorpios tend to deal with things a little more passively.  They aren’t going to come right out and say it, but there is definite hidden meaning in their words.  Deflecting and distraction might make it harder to communicate with someone who is more straightforward in their delivery.  Working through the differences in communication will help keep misunderstandings from happening unnecessarily.  Commit to meeting in the middle and everyone will win.


Deep and Connected

Cancers, Pisces, and Libras are expressive through their eyes.  The eyes are the window to the soul and these star signs need a deep meaningful connection to feel heard.  Always look into their eyes when communicating and show your interest in their feelings so they feel supported.  You might have difficulties meeting in the middle if you struggle with the right words to express yourself and are uncomfortable with confrontation.  Keep your body language open and welcoming and these star signs will keep the lines of communication open for you.


Trying to navigate the waters of relationships can be a challenge, especially when you were born under different stars.  But by understanding where each is coming from and what each other’s default communication methods may be will be a learning opportunity for both of you.  This will help you build a stronger bond together where the lines of communication and understanding will be open and receptive.  Get to communicating in a more positive, effective way with the help of the zodiac.