Relationships can be tricky at times if you both are not on the same page. It’s easy to have love for your partner but the secret to a successful relationship is knowing how to love them. There are 5 love languages that everyone uses to show their love to others. These are: acts of service, gift giving, physical touch, quality time, and words of affirmation. We all give love in one of these ways, but the way we give our love, may not be the most effective way to show love to your partner. Your zodiac sign can play into your love language, whether it be how you give love or how you receive it. Let’s take a look at the 5 love languages and the sign that identify with each language most.


Acts of service (Aquarius, Cancer, & Virgo)

These three signs are all generally calm by nature. They are not enticed by the frills of life but are more down to earth. With this knowledge in mind, the best way to show love to your Aquarius, Cancer, or Virgo partner is through acts of service. It can be a simple as opening the door for them or pulling out the chair before they sit or helping out around the house. Acts of service don’t always have to be grand gestures, although brownie point will always be given for them!


Gift giving (Capricorn & Libra)

It is said that gifts say what words cannot and these zodiac signs love their gifts. The gift giving love language is often misunderstood, you aren’t expected to show up with a wrapped up box with a bow on top every time you see your significant other. Gift giving can look like bringing them a coffee in the morning or surprising them with a pretty flower you plucked from your garden. To these signs, what’s important is the physical representation that you were thinking of them.


Physical touch (Scorpio & Taurus)

Scorpios and Taurus’ are more reserved by nature and this can make you think they are closed off and distant people, but in reality they want to be close to you. Physical touch can be as simple as grabbing their hand while watching tv. This can make them light up inside and you wouldn’t even notice it. These two quiet signs may have a hard time expressing what they want so don’t be afraid to ask.


Quality time (Gemini, Pisces, & Sagittarius)

These three signs are known for their loving and kind nature and what they want most it’s to share it with you. Quality time is so important to Gemini, Pisces, and Sagittarians; but we know that it is unrealistic to spend every waking moment with your loved one. Sending them an, “I miss you” text can let them know you are excited to see them and spend time together.


Words of affirmation (Aries & Leo)

These two fire signs love language may come as a surprise. Aries and Leos have some of the strongest personalities and are notorious for putting off the vibe that they don’t care what anyone thinks, but don’t let their aggressive nature fool you. Aries and Leos love kind, reassuring words. They want to be told that they are loved and they want to know what makes them special to you.


It can be hard to show love to your partner in the way they respond best to, especially if their love language differs from yours. Relationships are hard work, but knowing their love language can make it a little easier.