All of us have some familiarity with our zodiac sign and some of the attributes our personality derives from our associated sign; but what do you know about the planet that is linked to your sign? Each zodiac sign can be paired with a planet in our solar system that can be a source of power to us. This brings a whole new meaning to the saying, “if the stars align”. Let’s enter the cosmic realm that illustrates the core of our personalities and the power within your sign.


Jupiter (Sagittarius)

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system and the sign they govern has one of the biggest personalities to match. Sagittarians are outspoken and assertive, demanding your attention; just the same as the planet Jupiter demands to be seen in our diverse universe.


Mars (Aries)

In astrology, Mars is known as the planet of energy and desire. This correlates well with the personality traits of an Aries. Aries are fiery, ambitious, and fearless, just like the planet that governs them.


Mercury (Gemini & Virgo)

Gemini’s are known for their intellectual curiosity and Virgo’s for their industrious nature. These qualities pair perfectly with their governing planet Mercury, as it is the fastest orbiting planet in our solar system and is a symbol of intelligence.


Moon (Cancer)

The moon is vital to our planetary system and provides light even in the darkest of nights. During a new moon, there is no light, however there is the knowledge that a bigger and brighter moon is on the horizon. The moon is devout in its duty to provide light, just like the cancer sign is devout and loyal to others.


Neptune (Pisces)

As the planet of ideals, compassion, intuition, and spirituality; it is no wonder it is the governing planet of Pisces. They are some of the most emotionally intuitive, gracious and sensitive zodiac signs that crave peace and happiness.


Pluto (Scorpio)

Pluto had to fight hard to retain its status as a planet as it is the smallest one in our solar system; but like the Scorpio, its determination earned its reputation. Scorpios are bold and not afraid of a fight and try hard to maintain their honesty while still defending their beliefs.


Saturn (Capricorn)

Some say that Capricorns can be materialistic at times; well so can Saturn with all its rings of ice that surround its planet. Much like those rings, Capricorns tend to keep tight circles of friends and show their loyalty and support.


Sun (Leo)

The sun is the core of our universe, giving light to all the world. The sun is a symbol of life and guidance. Leo’s are known for their confidence and big personalities which pair perfectly with that of the sun. You can’t hide the radiance of the sun, and the same is said for that of a Leo.


Uranus (Aquarius)

In astrology, Uranus is known as “the awakener” because it is said to bring changes and shock. An Aquarius sign also brings surprise with their clever minds, self-reliant mindset, and optimistic view of the world.


Venus (Taurus & Libra)

Although Venus isn’t the planet closest to the sun, it is the hottest planet in our solar system and is covered by sultry clouds. The signs that are governed by Venus have the personality traits of charm, intelligence, dependability, and warmth to match.