Have you ever wondered how horoscopes are written? Let’s take a look at the process.

Common Misconception

Many people assume that horoscopes are made up. They think there is no deeper thought that goes into it other than someone inventing vague predictions. An article written by Andrew Nakamura for michigandaily.com explains, “There is a misconception that horoscopes are just completely made up by the writers. However, they actually require a lot of research. Horoscopes are based on various astrological events in a given time frame. In astrology, space is divided into twelve 30-degree circular sectors that encompass all of the planets in our solar system. Each 30-degree sector is what we call an astrological/zodiac sign.”

The Process

The first step in the horoscope writing process involves a tremendous amount of research. Professionals start by looking into all of the astrological events happening in the week. Next, they must collect all of the information regarding the planetary movements and the dates and times at which they occur.

Once that is complete, the writer will generally start writing out each sign’s horoscope. However, they need information that is specific to each individual zodiac sign. The content of each sign is determined by the type of astrological event, the planets involved, the signs of the planets and the astrological house(s). This house wheel moves a full rotation every two hours which is why exact times are used when writing horoscopes. This is another reason why horoscopes are written so often. The information can quickly become outdated if you’re not staying up to date on your horoscope.

Lastly, writers consider all of these things and create a birth chart for exact date and time of each astrological event they would like to track for that week. It helps give the most accurate information possible. All of the information needs to be written in a way that the mass public can understand it. It also needs to be able to stand alone. Readers tend to have favorite horoscope sources. It’s important for each writer to deliver the information in a way that is appealing to readers while also staying true to the astrological information.


Consider the Cosmos

There are other celestial factors that go into each horoscope as well. The above mentioned article goes on to say, “Each planet also has its own set of properties: Mercury is the planet of communication, Venus is the planet of love, Mars is the planet of anger and passion and so on. Houses also have their own set of properties: the first house deals with self-identity, the second house deals with money, the third house deals with communication and so on. While signs and planets typically deal with areas of someone’s personality, houses represent an area in a person’s life.”


This is just the beginning of all the work that goes into researching and writing horoscopes. If you’d like to learn more about the process, you can find a more in depth article here.