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Why are Horoscopes so Vague?

How accurate and credible are our horoscopes? Does that fact that they're so general negate their accuracy? Let's take a look on why vague personality descriptions and horoscopes may shape the way we see ourselves.   Astrology Overview Let's recap what astrology is so we're all on the same page. Austin Folger, a writer for pseudoscienceinthenews.wordpress.com states, “Astrology is basically [...]

Why are Horoscopes so Vague?2020-09-02T15:08:47+00:00

Do Certain Months Have Multiple Birthstones?

You've likely gone your entire life with the knowledge that each month has its own birthstone. While this is true, there are a couple months that have more than one. Let's explore why.   Why Multiple Stones? The birthstone you've grown up claiming as your own hasn't changed. However, if you were born in June, October, November or December, you [...]

Do Certain Months Have Multiple Birthstones?2020-09-02T15:06:48+00:00

Which Wine Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

There is a wine for everyone out there, and if you haven’t found yours yet, maybe you need to look to the stars.  Taking inspiration from your birthday could be the missing piece to refining your palate when it comes to fermented grapes.  Sample a few of these to see if you can discover your new favorite blend.   Air [...]

Which Wine Matches Your Zodiac Sign?2020-08-14T14:14:09+00:00

Dating and Communicating Through the Zodiac

Dating can be complicated enough, especially when it comes to communication, growing, and learning with your significant other.  When the two of you can’t see eye to eye, look to the stars to help you learn how to best get your point across.  Maybe just understanding how each of you operates differently will be eye opening and an experience in [...]

Dating and Communicating Through the Zodiac2020-08-14T14:17:50+00:00

What Does your Birthstone Mean?

Your birthstone is more than just a sparkly accessory. There are many uses and properties associated with each one. Let's take a look at what they represent. Jan- Garnet Garnets, the birthstone for January, are known for their protection properties. This red gem is used to relieve nightmares and see you through dark times. Additionally, garnets are great for helping [...]

What Does your Birthstone Mean?2020-07-13T14:37:40+00:00

Fire, Earth and Water Signs

You're probably familiar with your zodiac sign (the astrological assignment based on your date of birth). They reveal characteristics and personality traits that can help you further understand yourself and your emotions. If you dive a little deeper, you will find another classification of a fire, earth, air or water sign based on your zodiac. Let's take a look at [...]

Fire, Earth and Water Signs2020-07-13T14:27:47+00:00

Date Ideas Based on Zodiac

We already know that certain star signs have defining personalities and characteristics that are so accurate they are scary.  Why not use this information to create the perfect date night for your crush or significant other?  With each of the zodiac signs, there are things that make them uniquely happy.  Find out what makes them joyful and center a whole [...]

Date Ideas Based on Zodiac2020-06-11T18:11:51+00:00

Ways to Express and Show Your Zodiac Sign

When and where you were born in this universe is a powerful combination that makes you uniquely you.  Do you identify with your sign and everything it represents?  If you have pride for your zodiac, here are a few different ways to display your love for your sign and everything it embodies.   Colors Whether you want to dye your [...]

Ways to Express and Show Your Zodiac Sign2020-06-11T18:05:55+00:00

Breaking down what your sun, moon and rising all mean

It hardly seems fair to categorize every single human being into only twelve different personalities as zodiacs — there has to be more personalities in the world and simply looking at a room with over 20 people can confirm this. Well, that’s because while there are twelve commonly known zodiacs, there’s also a lot more information that goes into your [...]

Breaking down what your sun, moon and rising all mean2020-05-11T17:40:50+00:00

Personality Pitfalls: Where Each Zodiac Can Practice Personal Development

We’re no strangers to the common personality traits of each zodiac sign, but it might be time to dig deeper to focus in on how each zodiac sign can use their characteristics to better themselves as a person, friend, worker, and partner. Just because zodiacs are associated with certain characteristics, too, doesn’t mean we’re all limited to just being those [...]

Personality Pitfalls: Where Each Zodiac Can Practice Personal Development2020-05-11T17:36:15+00:00
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