Astrology is a great conversation starter, with most swearing by it and others simply cringing at the conversation. However, if you’re dating, it’s best to look at all factors of your potential partner, no matter how silly it sounds. Since we’re in the Scorpio season, let’s explore their opposite Taurus. Let’s discuss their attraction and the possible challenges they may experience as a bond.

Scorpios are passionate, independent, and not afraid to debate. They will express themselves no matter what people think. They can be flirtatious, seductive, and mysterious while in love. They enjoy going out and playing hard to get. Scorpios are great at reading body language and subconscious cues to make their potential partners do what they want. Taurus is sensual and very connected to their physical bodies, which the Scroipio might enjoy. Tauruses like real conversation while trading pleasantries or jokes. Like Scorpios, they enjoy going out and are initially hard to read.


Taurus and Scorpio

Despite both Scorpio and Taurus being opposite. They have many things in common; both are homebodies and value privacy. They are both determined, ambitious, and enjoy stability. Scorpio will motivate the sometimes lazy Taurus with their drive. In contrast, Taurus can balance the moody Scorpio with their easygoing nature. Both can make a tender, spiritual, devoted relationship that simmers with sexual heat.


Now things can become chaotic with Scropio’s obsessiveness and Tauars’s possessiveness. Scorpio will bring the drama by trying to find cheating clues and making wild accusations. If the Scorpio does not get a hold of this behavior, the Taurus will leave if it’s too much drama. Besides those hiccups, Scorpio and Taurus are a strong match, so much so that they might overly consume themselves in the relationship. It’s best suggested for both to find their hobbies outside the relationship. If these two constantly communicate, learn to be understanding. Their relationship can last for a long time!


While observing this couple, you’ll feel inspired to explore your opposite. But never compare; everyone’s relationship is different. Remember never to judge a book by its cover; don’t be afraid to leap while dating. You might find your perfect match.