Did you know that your favorite things can lead to discovering your horoscope? What your horoscope focuses on is based on what you surround yourself with. So, when you answer the questions below, be open and honest to reveal your destiny.

1. What color do you gravitate towards most?

2. What is your favorite cuisine?
a.) Italian     b.) French     c.) Chinese    d.) Thai

3. What shape calls out to you?
a.) 🔼         b.) 🟦        c.) 🔵        d.) 💙

4. What popular city would you love to live in?
a.) Atlanta      b.) New York        c.) Austin        d.) San Francisco

5. Which date sounds perfect to you?
a.) Movie on the Green        b.) Dinner & Dancing        c.) Escape Room        d.) Bar Hopping

6. What is your favorite music genre?
a.) Reggae        b.) R&B        c.) Country        d.) Alternative


If you got mostly A’s…
You may feel like you have some difficult decisions to make. Don’t sweat the small stuff because there is always a solution to your problems. The decision is not as important as the journey to get there. So, take your time and evaluate what is truly best for you.

If you got mostly B’s…
You are feeling excited by a new idea! Buckle down and make it happen. This is the time to make new experiences and that begins with your new hobbies. Dig deep on what really makes you happy and there you will find your purpose.

If you got mostly C’s…
You may be feeling uninspired at the moment, but this time will pass. The best thing to do is to focus on yourself and learn what makes you happy. Travel and try out some new foods and inspiration will come before you know it.

If you got mostly D’s…
Some big changes are coming for you. You like the idea of adventure and when this new one presents itself grab the bull by the horns! Chances like this don’t come around every day.