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  • Stars

    How does Astrology Determine Personality Traits?

    Have you ever wondered how the personality traits assigned to your zodiac could possibly be accurate? It can be difficult to wrap your mind around the fact that the date/time of birth of your birth could have any effect on your personality. How does it [...]

  • Astrology words

    Interesting Facts about Astrology

    Astrology tends to be one of those polarizing things where you either believe in it or you don’t. While some may have their doubts, there’s no denying that the subject is incredibly interesting. To further prove this point, the following are some astrology facts that [...]

  • Zodiac Book

    Astrology Books for Beginners

    Are you interested in Astrology or learning more about personalities and relationships? Where to start the search is the next step. There is always the internet, but why not try finding some physical books to back up what you see on the world wide web. [...]


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What is your zodiac energy type?

There are twelve basic energies which make up the zodiac. There are four possible elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water.

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