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  • astrology leo

    Everything You Do and Don’t Want to Know About a Leo

    If you are not a Leo, you are bound to know one. Learning more about a Leo can help you understand yourself or others more. There is a lot to dive into. Each piece gives another layer. There are many details that you may not [...]

  • chinese new year

    Chinese Zodiac Signs

    The year 2022 is finally here! And this year is the year of the tiger according to the lunar calendar. There are 12 Chinese zodiac signs that follow the lunar calendar and reoccur on a 12 year cycle, meaning each year one of the twelve [...]

  • Enneagram

    Your number on the Enneagram

    The Enneagram first made its appearance in 1915 when philosopher George Gurdjieff first introduced it. Today it is becoming increasingly more popular as we try to dive deeper into ourselves and those around us. The Enneagram can help you to better understand others and how [...]


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What is your zodiac energy type?

There are twelve basic energies which make up the zodiac. There are four possible elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water.

Astrology’s Comeback

Astrology reached the pinnacle of popularity in the 70s and slowly began to lose its following. Now, 50 years later, it has made a significant comeback. What’s causing this resurgence [...]

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