Diving into your partner’s astrology chart is a great way to better understand them. If you’re looking to connect with your significant other in deeper, more intentional ways, here are a few things astrology can help you learn.

Increase Communication

If you’re struggling to communicate within your relationship, look at your partner’s Mercury sign. This particular sign represents both communication and mental processes. This is the best place to look if you’re needing to neutralize conflict within the relationship. If you and your partner don’t have compatible Mercury signs, don’t worry! You can still establish great communication with a little hard work and a determination.

Understand their Instincts

Gaining a clearer understanding about why your partner acts and reacts to situations is a great way to get to know them better. An article written by Brianne Hogan for sheknows.com explains, “The rising sign is one of the most important aspects of a person’s natal chart and life. It is the core sense of who we are or our instinctual nature,” says Lauren Donelson, MA, LMFTA, a therapist and astrologer. “For example, if your partner is Taurus rising, they likely enjoy the arts, music, a bit of luxury, nature, and being cozy at home. This extra layer of awareness can help add another layer of understanding and appreciation for your partner.”

Deeper Connection

To establish a deeper connection with your significant other, look in their 5th house. This is where you’ll find a better understanding of their passions in life. What brings them joy? What are their hobbies? What brings them pleasure?

Fire signs love a partner who is active, passionate and likes to have fun. Water signs in this house love emotional relationships, falling in love, and fighting for each other or with each other. Earth signs love stability. The above mentioned article goes on to say, “They may not be as exciting as fire, or cause as much drama as water, but sensually, they enjoy pleasures of the body and home.  Earth in this house might love “Netflix and Chill” nights.  Air in the fifth house, like Gemini and Aquarius, requires mental stimulation and will love partners that make them think that they can talk all day with. Libra loves balance and harmony.
deep connection

Commitment Level

Believe it or not, you can glean a pretty good understanding of your partner’s commitment level by looking into their birth chart. Specifically, look at their 8th house. Fire signs in this house may run hot, be passionate, but be frivolous. Earth signs want to create a very wealthy family and leave behind a legacy but not might be the best communicators. Air signs in this house are great communicators. Water signs in the 8th house create intense relationships. They crave security but they can also be highly emotional and unpredictable.

You might not find all the answers to unlock the mysteries of your partner in their astrology chart, but it’s a good place to start!