In Astrology, there are many aspects to dive into, tarot cards being one of them. Those looking for answers have tracked down those that read them. It is a way to find the path they should take. There are many questions around them. Where did they come from? Who is capable of reading them? And what do they mean? There are plenty of resources out there to help you find all the answers that you need.



There has been a question of when the first tarot cards were created. The answer is still not clear to all. Some believe that the first deck was invented in the 1430s in Italy. Others think that the first time they were created was in the 1700s. Jean-Baptise Alliette was the first to develop a guide on how to go about using tarot cards. The exact date doesn’t matter the most, but they date hundreds of years ago. They look very similar to a typical deck of cards. What came first is the question many have wondered. Unfortunately, the answer does not affect those that believe in them.



The simple answer to who can read tarot cards is anyone. Those who put the time in to learn about them can develop the needed skills. Each person that reads could have a slightly different interpretation. It takes knowing the cards and a lot of intuition to develop the skills required to tell others what the cards are saying. Golden Thread Tarot has a guide for beginners who want to start their tarot card reading journey. You do not need to be a physic to jump into the world of tarot cards.

Tarot Cards


The cards are able to look into all the areas of you personally. When looking for answers, you can look into your love life. It can help you decide if your relationships are good for you. Is your career the right path for you? Will it bring you the joy or income you are looking for? This is another realm it can help you with. Any goals you are looking to obtain is something you can look for meaning in the cards. Anything you need to see clearly in your personal life can be a question you look for understanding in the tarot cards.



Are there any benefits from going to those that read tarot cards? If you are a believer, you will answer that in the positive. If you are on the fence, you may not be sure. Healthline has found that these readings can help those in therapy. They have found that it can aid in the dialogue giving you more to discuss with your therapist. Therapists are looking for ways for you to dig deeper and find out more about yourself. Tarot cards may be a way to help you through any blocks you are experiencing.


Never stop learning and growing.