If you are a Sagittarius, this means that you were born between November 22nd and December 21st. Like every sign, they are traits that make them unique. Knowing all the positives and negatives will help you to shine and keep yourself in check. The more you know, the easier it is to stay well-rounded. Sagittarius is full of so many unique characteristics to discuss.



Many celebrities share the Sagittarius sign. This may be because a Sagittarius are dynamic individuals. They have a way of captivating those that they interact with. A very needed trait if you want to be a movie star. Being in the spotlight needs to be something that you can handle. Another attribute you need to have is a passion for learning. This is another positive trait that Sagittarius share. To do well in an environment where you need to adapt to changing roles being able and loving to learn will make it a reality.



If you are not one to want to be famous, those positive traits can translate well into any lifestyle. A Sagittarius likes to be independent and loves to find adventures. This can be a way to excel in many areas of life. From a professional aspect, employers love an independent worker that can take charge. A Sagittarius also has excellent emotional intelligence. This is a gift for those that love to interact with others. They can connect in a meaningful way.



Their strong personalities can sometimes be careless with their words and come off as too harsh. Being blunt can be good in certain circumstances but can also hurt the feelings of many. Thinking before you speak is a great way to try and avoid an instance of hurting feelings. In being so independent, a Sagittarius can be used to being in control. However, they need to be careful that they do not start to come off as dominating that those in their life.Sagittarius


Sagittarius has a huge personality. They need to be with someone that can handle it and not be overpowered. There needs to be a balance in all relationships. They can find their match with another Sagittarius. Other signs with equally influential personalities are Leo’s. Both partners need to feel that they are loved but also happy with their space. A Sagittarius cannot be fully content without keeping their independence. Any sign to clingy will make it hard to have the balance they crave.



There are those who will love the spontaneity of being around a Sagittarius and those who will find it difficult. Taurus and Cancer like more stability. Being with a risk taker would throw them off balance. They both need a level of predictability. Virgo would be another sign to avoid. Virgo is always looking to fix flaws and mistakes. Mistakes are part of being a Sagittarius. They love to learn and grow, which comes with growing pains and mistakes. A Virgo would pick a Sagittarius apart.