Astrology words

When we think about zodiac signs, the first thing that comes to mind are the personality traits that are associated with each sign. A lot of people don’t know that there is also a color associated with each sign that gives you a little more insight. Color can affect our mood and change our energy without us even consciously realizing it. What does your zodiac power color say about you? Let’s find out!


Aquarius: Blue

The power color of an Aquarius is bright blue, which brings a light and cheerful attitude. While Aquarius share the same power color of blue with Libras it is a slightly different shade of blue like the water or the sky. This shade of blue represents life, renewal, and growth.


Pisces: Green

Seafoam green is the power color for Pisces. It is a very fitting color as they are a water sign. The power that is drawn from this electric pastel color is change, stability, and luck. This shade of green is calming but has a sort of excitement to it that keeps you intrigued.


Aries: Red

Aries are known for having loud personalities, so it may not be a shock to hear that their power color is red. Think of a fiery red like the element they are associated with. Red is a symbol of both violence and love and when joined together form passion.


Taurus: Pink

The energy of a Taurus can be very soft and feminine and is often associated with the Greek God Aphrodite, so it is only fitting that their color is pink. Pink can give a very romantic energy but can sometimes also emit energy of being passive or naïve.


Gemini: Yellow

Yellow emits such a lively and exciting energy. It can give a sense of curiosity and the urge to explore. The drawback to the power color is that it can also come off as cocky or aggressive; which Geminis are known for their rapid change of attitude and ability to adapt their mood to each situation.


Cancer: Silver

The Cancer sign is associated with the moon so it is very fitting that their power color is silver. Just like the moonlight, silver offers the energy of stillness, calmness, and healing. Silver is also a symbol of success and wealth and when if that energy is misused, it can result in deceitfulness and insincerity if not carful.


Leo: Gold

Gold is the primary symbol for wealth. Additional energies that gold gives off are influence and prestige which can sometimes come off as flashy or arrogant. When utilized properly gold can be a great symbol for optimism and compassion.


Virgo: Green

Virgos share the same power color with Pieces but they have a different shade of green. The darker and earthier shade of green represent generosity and prosperity. Green can sometimes be associated with envy or judgment but like the earth can easily be forgiven.


Libra: Blue

Blue is the most soothing of all the colors. It has been proven to reduce rapid heart rate and high blood pressure. Blue givers such a peaceful and calming energy and is often associated with optimism and honesty. Just as a Libra, it gives the aura of dependability.


Scorpio: Black

The power color black gets a bad rap as it is associated with grieving, loss, and sadness. It seems very fitting for Scorpios as they can be aggressive and dominant, but black can also mean elegance and sophistication. The color black is timeless and can be luxurious.


Sagittarius: Purple

Purples main power is that of mystery and wisdom. Just as a Sagittarius is brave and loyal the power color of purple sustains that nobility. Be mindful of the tricky emotions purple can give of sensitivity and sometimes overstimulation.


Capricorn: Brown

The power color of the Capricorn may seem dull at first, but there are so many strengths the color brown has to offer. That of wisdom, perseverance, and maturity to name a few. Brown is a strong and stalwart power color and so are Capricorns.