Astrology’s Comeback

Astrology reached the pinnacle of popularity in the 70s and slowly began to lose its following. Now, 50 years later, it has made a significant comeback. What’s causing this resurgence in popularity? Let’s take a look. Why the Surge in Popularity? There are a few theories as to why people are turning to Astrology in increasing numbers. However, one of [...]

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Zodiac Gift Giving Guide

If you’re ever lost for what to get someone as a gift look to the person’s zodiac and let the stars be your guide. You will be the best gift giver because everything will be perfectly curated for your recipient. Look no further than this zodiac gift giving guide to help you the next time you don’t know what to [...]

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You Are Never Too Old to Learn About Astrology

Astrology is all over and is intriguing many. It is time that you pay a little attention. There are many ways to jump in and start to figure it out yourself. But, before you head out to find a master in astrology, try something else first. There are many resources to take a look at in the comfort of your [...]

You Are Never Too Old to Learn About Astrology2022-02-05T00:24:35+00:00
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