Astrology reached the pinnacle of popularity in the 70s and slowly began to lose its following. Now, 50 years later, it has made a significant comeback. What’s causing this resurgence in popularity? Let’s take a look.

Why the Surge in Popularity?

There are a few theories as to why people are turning to Astrology in increasing numbers. However, one of the more popular ones has to do with wellness. An article written by Ali Roff Fararr for panmacmillan.com explains, “As the wellness industry booms and the #selfcareohyeah audience tunes in to their physical, mental and spiritual health, it’s not illogical to hypothesize that the recent rise in the popularity of astrology is linked to our increased obsession with all things wellness. And there is evidence to support this theory: according to Google trends, online interest in the UK in both ‘wellness’ and ‘horoscopes’ has doubled since 2010.”

The above mentioned articles goes on to say, “As we look deeper inside and try to improve and ultimately understand ourselves, our zodiac signs provide a template to comprehend who we are and what we need on a deeper and more meaningful level.”

Uncertain Times

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Outside of the wellness trend, people are turning to astrology more because it feels like a way to take back a small amount of control in their lives. The last couple years have produced a plethora of new reasons to feel stressed. Political uncertainty, the pandemic, rising inflation, drastic rise in home prices and climate change all add to the feeling of uncertainty within the country and across the world. During these times, people seek external sources to help explain away their feelings of insecurity.

For example, say you were recently passed over for a promotion at work. You read your horoscope and it says something like, ‘you’ve been working so hard at your job lately and you’re wondering if it’s all for nothing. A restructuring has you feeling concerned as to where you fit in. Fear not, your boss has big plans for you in a newly organized, streamlined company’. A person looking for external validation and reassurance will read that and breathe a sigh of relief. It takes some of the pressure and accountability off of them when you can credit both your wins and losses up to the universe.

Self- Discovery

In an effort to understand ourselves more fully, many have turned to Astrology to find answers. Diving into your zodiac sign can lead you on a path of self- discovery. It can help enlighten you about aspects of your personality that you weren’t previously aware of. It’s also a great tool to help you understand why you react the way you do when faced with certain situations. You might not resonate with everything in your horoscope but you will certainly find nuggets of truth.

While Astrology took a backseat for a few decades, it’s back and better than ever. How long will this resurgence in popularity last? Only time will tell.