Pick Your Favorites and We’ll Guess Your Horoscope

Did you know that your favorite things can lead to discovering your horoscope? What your horoscope focuses on is based on what you surround yourself with. So, when you answer the questions below, be open and honest to reveal your destiny. 1. What color do you gravitate towards most? 2. What is your favorite cuisine? a.) Italian     b.) French     c.) [...]

Pick Your Favorites and We’ll Guess Your Horoscope2022-11-09T19:42:42+00:00

Your number on the Enneagram

The Enneagram first made its appearance in 1915 when philosopher George Gurdjieff first introduced it. Today it is becoming increasingly more popular as we try to dive deeper into ourselves and those around us. The Enneagram can help you to better understand others and how they operate and respond to situations based on their personality type. Different from other horoscopes [...]

Your number on the Enneagram2022-02-16T22:06:30+00:00
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