The Enneagram first made its appearance in 1915 when philosopher George Gurdjieff first introduced it. Today it is becoming increasingly more popular as we try to dive deeper into ourselves and those around us. The Enneagram can help you to better understand others and how they operate and respond to situations based on their personality type. Different from other horoscopes the Enneagram assigns a number to your personality, rather than defining it by your birthday. The numbers range from 1-9 and you can identify which number best describes you by either deciding for yourself or taking a quiz that assesses your personality for you. Here is a brief description of each of the Enneagrams numbers and you can decided where you fall.


One- The Perfectionist

Ones tend to be rule followers and often times get frustrated when things aren’t done in their own meticulous way. Their attention to detail gives them high expectations in all aspects of life; whether that’s in their relationships, work, or just normal daily tasks. Ones fear being seen as a “bad person” and often combat this fear with strict discipline which can result on being hard on themselves.


Two- The Giver

Twos are known for their nurturing and helpful nature. Their biggest fear is being alone or feeling unloved, so they compensate by always saying yes when asked for help in an effort to prove their worth. Twos greatest desire is to feel loved and appreciated so they offer those feelings to those around them through their actions and words.


Three- The Achiever

Threes seek the admiration of others and are hyper aware of their public image. They are goal oriented and strive to stand out to people through their achievements. A threes biggest fear is to fail so they work tirelessly on achieving their goals as to not feel forgotten or insignificant. Although threes may seem confidant on the outside, that’s not always the case on the inside; they need the validation that is earned through their accomplishments.


Four- The Individualist

Fours desire to experience deep and true emotion. They feel that they are unique and different from other people which gives them a special persona to those around them. Fours biggest fears are people not seeing them as they truly are, and missing out on joyful emotions because they are too different from others to experience happiness in a normal way.


Five- The Investigator

Fives are lovers of knowledge and understanding. They feel more comfortable around numbers and information than around people. Fives fear they cannot meet their own needs or the needs of others so they tend to withdraw from relationships to cope with this. Fives keep their inner circle small and focus on expanding their intellect; and staying self-sufficient emotionally, physically, and socially.


Six- The Skeptic

Sixes long for safety and security. They surround themselves with trustworthy people that can provided them reassurance and support. Sixes biggest fear is not being able to defend themselves or others and being unprepared. Sixes tend to be cautious until they have reached a certain level of comfort.  Once trust has been established, sixes are resiliently loyal.


Seven- The Enthusiast

Sevens are adventure seekers and love to stay busy.  They strive to experience and take advantage of all that life has to offer.          Sevens fear facing emotional pain like sadness, guilt, or boredom. They also fear missing out. They like to stay busy and active at all times.  A sevens mindset is to live life to the fullest.


Eight- The Challenger

Eights stand up for what they believe in and will not back down. They are seen as strong, powerful, and resilient people. The biggest fear of an eight is losing control of a situation or their surroundings. Eights do not like being vulnerable and cope with this by being assertive to the point that they can be intimidating. Eights have a very protective mindset and often times defend the weak.


Nine- The Peacemaker

Nines have a very “go with the flow” attitude and are not easily bothered or upset. They tend to be passive especially during confrontation but will react if they feel like they are being manipulated or taken advantage of. Nines fear being a burden on others so they will let others take control of the situation in order to stay agreeable and still be included.