Have you ever wondered who is writing those eerily accurate horoscopes you consume each day? It’s easy to forget that your horoscope is work that a writer is paid to create. Surprisingly, a large amount of skill plays a roll in providing astrological content. Here are a couple things these content creators do to ensure you receive the perfect horoscope.



There is an extensive amount of research that happens behind the scenes for you to consume you daily horoscope. In an article written by Amber Dowling for theloop.ca she states, “For those thinking that horoscope writers just gaze up at the stars and write blurbs about romantic tensions and financial toils, think again. It turns out there’s a whole whack of calculations that go into making these predictions, and they’re often a lot more detailed than the final product we see in a newspaper or magazine.” Writers not only use books and astrological websites, but they also rely on their own intuition to produce great work.


Use of Correct Tools

There are a couple tools astrology columnists use in order to make horoscope writing easier for them. These tools can help ensure accuracy because they eliminate a lot of the guesswork. Dowling mentions in her article, “Professional tools can be used in order to actually find out what’s going on with the planets and stars on any given day, and horoscope writers absolutely use these to their advantage.” These tools include a software type program called Solar Fire. There is also a website called astrodienst.com which you can use if you aren’t ready to commit to purchasing a program. These resources provide information on what the stars and planets are doing which gives insight about how they will affect each different sign.


Dive Deeper

We’ve previously discussed the research that goes into writing horoscopes. In order to produce an excellent product, columnists have to consider the reader’s personality based on their astrological sign, and how changes in the universe will affect them. Dowling writes, “Depending on what kind of horoscope you’re looking for, the writer takes account of what kinds of transits are happening that day, week or month in order to best predict moods and stability of the different astrological signs. It’s really all about making connections between the movements of the planets and each sign’s temperament.” Additionally, Susannah Cavill, a former astronomy columnist has this to say about the subject, “It’s a combination of looking at what the planets are up to and then working out intuitively how it’s going to affect a sensitive Pisces that week if there’s going to be a tricky full moon, or disruptive Mercury transit that will affect their day-to-day relationships.” It’s a lot harder than you’d imagine.


You can feel confident in the amount of skill and research that goes into writing horoscopes. Columnists work hard to ensure they are creating a product that can help guide you as much as possible.