Astrology is known to polarize the masses. People tend to love and believe in it, or think it’s completely hokey. No matter where you stand on this debate, here are a few reasons to believe in astrology.

What is Astrology?

Before we talk more about astrology, let’s go over what it entails. Larry Schwimmer wrote an article for which states, “It is a system of knowledge that uses the movement of the planets in the sky and a person’s birth chart to: 1. Explain their personality. 2. Forecast the likely events that will happen in their life. A person’s birth chart is a treasure map that will show where challenges and opportunities will occur in their unique life. A skilled astrologer uses science, art and interpretation to provide this information to clients.” Astrology doesn’t claim to be 100% accurate. It’s simply a strategy you can use to help you navigate the future.


Lifetime Advisor

One of the best parts about dipping into astrology is the lifetime of advice you will receive. Before you dismiss this idea, think about the following scenario. When you go to a friend for advice, there’s never a guarantee that taking their advice will be what’s best for you. Astrology is similar. You will receive guidance that you can choose to accept or not. Advice from an unbiased, non- invested source can be useful. It’s easy to discredit or discount the information you receive, but what if you decided to take it? What do you have to lose by doing what your horoscope says? Before you shut it down, consider giving it a try.


Self- Reflection

Astrology is a great way to do some self-reflection. Your sign and horoscope offers up a lot of information about you based on the year and month you were born. It will tell you characteristics or personality traits you are likely to possess. Whether or not you believe you have these traits, it’s a great opportunity to do some gentle self-reflection without taking anything too personally. Astrology can also help you explain your feelings or reactions. It can often be hard to articulate those things. Having help from a third party can be helpful in expressing yourself.


It’s Fun

Astrology can be incredibly fun! There are many different facets of astrology to learn about. From horoscopes to in depth astrological analysis, the astrology game of cards and small fortune telling tricks, astrology teach you numerous party tricks. It’s also a fun topic for you and your friends to discuss at a dinner table. If you’re not sold on the science of astrology, think of it as a hobby and enjoy it anyway.


Despite the flack it receives, astrology can be a worthy course of study. You don’t have to believe in the science of astrology in order to see the value in it. Try implementing some of the advice into your life and see where it takes you.