There are seven types of astrological relationships that are based on you and your significant other’s sign. In order to understand the dynamics of each relationship, lets take a look at how each one works.

Zodiac Love

Same Sign

According to Greg Tufaro, a writer for, “This is one of those instant-connection sorts of relationships. You feel this person is a kindred spirit. You’re likely to see many similar qualities in your partner that you find in yourself: those you admire and those you do not. It can be like looking a mirror.” You really get to know your strengths and weaknesses.


One Sign Apart

The dynamic of this relationship is one of a student a teacher. There is a mutual sense of understanding that brings attraction between these partners. Each person has their own way of doing things that compliments the other person.


Two Signs Apart

Tufaro also states, “Friendship should come easily between you two, even though at times, the differences between you can result in a “fight, break-up, make-up” sort of relationship. Luckily that dynamic tends to happen quickly and your relationship moves on to the next conversation.” Maintaining a solid friendship is the key to a lasting relationship in this dynamic.


Three Signs Apart

This relationship can be a little dicey. It often comes with underlying tension. It can be hard to find understanding because each person has a completely different way of doing things. Often, partners can be very judgmental of each other. This can be beneficial if it leads to increased self-awareness and understanding.


Four Signs Apart

This type of match is generally the most successful. It’s a relationship that is incredibly easy. You feel, think and approach life in a very similar way. This mutual understanding is effortless and leads to a wonderful partnership.

Zodiac Love

Five Signs Apart

This is a dynamic that must be careful of feelings of resentment. Tufaro explains, “Typically, there will be some element of miscommunication or inability to communicate completely effectively that can undermine this relationship. Yet, it is that very disconnect that draws you two together in such an alluring manner. If love is at the heart of this relationship, then sex can potentially bring you two together when you feel apart.” The key to making this dynamic work is fierce loyalty.


Six Signs Apart

Lastly, the above mentioned article states, “Those of the opposite sex born under this combination will have an intense magnetism between the two of you. Those of the same sex, will have an underlying envy of what the other person has that you know you lack. The inner urge to copy one another will be hard to resist, so we often find ourselves imitating those of our opposite sign.” Individuality is important to maintain. This type of relationship brings an increased amount of self-awareness that can deeply benefit each person.


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