Discussing the fate of yourself and your loved ones can be serious business.  You may hold your breath every time your weekly horoscope loads on your web browser waiting to see what is in store for you.  While you may have your trusted sources for all things horoscopes, here are some lighthearted and entertaining places to look to lighten up a little when it comes to the zodiac.


The Onion

This entertainment website already is good for laughs and hot takes on society as we know it, but it’s also an extremely entertaining and puzzling source for your horoscope.  You might find yourself trying to unravel the mysteries presented to you from week to week giving you something to ponder on your drive home from the office.  They might not always make perfect sense, but isn’t that half the fun of the mystery of the stars?


Co-Star Horoscope

This horoscope app takes personal to a whole new level.  Rather than just knowing your star sign, you enter your birthday and time you were born for a more catered and personal approach to the stars.  Using artificial intelligence and data collected from NASA scientists, this app will wow you over and over again.  It sometimes might give you advice you thought you’d only hear from your judgmental mother, but the brutally honest opinions are part of the charm.  You can also socially connect with other users for a group experience.


Pet Horoscopes

Need to know what the stars hold for your furry friend?  Check out the many websites and options for pet horoscopes.  They might give you some insight as to why your cat is acting like a spaz again, or why Spots seems to be a little more moody than usual.  Keep up with your pets ever-changing tides with these resources.



If you haven’t heard of Pusheen the cat, you are missing out already.  This little adorable illustrated cat will brighten your day.  Now you can follow along with your zodiac sign with this loveable creature.  Find out what makes you tick and your likes and dislikes with Pusheen Horoscopes.  Nothing makes your future and fate instantly cuter than with a cat!


Cheezburger Horoscopes

Another site known originally for its animal videos and memes; this brings a playful approach to the stars.  It promises to have your (maybe) accurate horoscopes every month to help you along in your life.  Good for a quick read and fast laugh, make this a part of your zodiac check in every month.  Topical and taking into account modern life and all its petty struggles, these will give you a chuckle to push it through to another month.


Taking a more lighthearted approach to the zodiac will make it not so serious and give you more freedom to live and flow with whatever comes your way – whether you were able to predict it or not!