From phone calls to text messages, photos to news alerts, your phone can help you keep you in the know about what’s happening now, but with the right apps, you can also get a glimpse into your future. Okay, these apps won’t necessarily give you your entire life story, but there’s a plethora of apps focused on delivering horoscopes at a moment’s notice for both androids and iOS.


Available from Google Play and the App Store:

The Daily Horoscope

The Daily Horoscope by Comitic Lifestyle is sure to satisfy those who just want a clean-cut delivery of their daily horoscope. Of course, you can also check your compatibility with other horoscopes, but this app mainly focuses on providing daily horoscopes (complete with your horoscope for the next day), as well as weekly and monthly horoscopes. You can even look back to your past horoscopes within the week to see how accurate they actually were.


The Pattern

This app by The Pattern Home, Inc. doesn’t necessarily give you a daily horoscope, but rather points out cycles in your life. The cycles can last months to over a year and indicate certain challenges and areas of growth to your character and personality. Examples of cycles are Expansion of Home, Security Fears, and Instincts Expanded. In a way, the information inside the app serves as a guide for which lens to view your life. At the very least, it can offer some consolation that through all the ups and downs, there are always more things to look forward to.


Chaturanga Astrology Horoscope

The unique feature of Chaturanga Astrology Horoscope by Chaturanga Astrology Ltd. is that it’s based off of Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology, unlike Western astrology, doesn’t view the location of stars as a fixed location. This article on Indastro can offer more insight on the differences between Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology. Back to Chaturanga, though, you can also use this app to ask specific questions to look for guidance. This includes topics on love compatibility, interpersonal relationships, and even where to live.


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Yodha My Astrology & Horoscope

My Astrology & Horoscope by Yodha works similarly to Chaturanga in which you go to astrologers with specific questions. You can input information to create your natal chart which the trained astrologers on the app can then use to respond to your questions about life, love, and your future. My Astrology & Horoscope also uses Vedic Gurus, so perhaps you have questions you want second opinions on, you can ask on both Chaturanaga and My Astrology & Horoscope.


Available from the App Store:


TImePassages by Do Astrology Anywhere offers the basic daily horoscope, but also goes in-depth to your Sun, Moon and Rising sign. While you will need to pay to unlock your color chart and written interpretations, it does provide a more unique look at all aspects of your horoscope.



Co-Star by the Co-Star Astrology Society uses NASA data to compile your horoscope information. The daily horoscope delivered takes into account all 12 houses of the zodiac to provide information in your relationships, work, home and spirituality. It will be helpful to know the exact time you were born (down to the minute), to get the most accurate reading.


Available from Google Play:


ADNFX is actually the overarching company that created individual apps for each zodiac. If you already know what your zodiac is, go ahead and search “ADNFX” plus your own zodiac for an app that not only has your daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes but also facts about that zodiac.



Astroguide by RedAppz provides the basic daily zodiac (plus your zodiac for the previous and next day), but also offers free tarot card readings for those who want more insight into their future. You can check your compatibility and even take a love test in Astroguide, and also get a daily does of quotes and memes relating to your zodiac.


These apps are just a sampling of the horoscope and astrology app market. Check out this article by Carlos Vega on Digital Trends for more app suggestions as well as this article by Jasmine Gomez on Seventeen. Thank the stars for these apps that simplify the science of astrology!