If you’re looking for a little guidance on who you should keep in your life, it might help to look toward the stars. Astrology is often used to judge love compatibility between two people, but we can broaden our scope and look at platonic compatibility. Now, we’re not advocating for you to go out and filtering through your friends based on their star sign, but it could help explain why you click more with some than others.



Understanding the elements

Before we start listing the top friendship compatibilities, it might help to understand how the zodiac signs break down in terms of their elements. Our fire element zodiac signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The earth element finds itself in Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Air is represented by Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, and last but not least, our water element zodiac signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. This element breakdown can help give insight into which of the four personalities someone might lean toward, based on their zodiac.


For example, our fire zodiacs might have more explosive personalities — quick to act, quick to anger. They’re also high in spontaneity, inspiration and intuition. Read more about the fire element in this article on astrology.com. Earth elements are more grounded (no pun intended) — their characteristics include a high sense of duty, responsibility and reliability, according to this article, also on astrology.com. Air elements can be as fickle as the find, but are high in curiosity and perceptiveness. Our water elements are the ones that have a tendency to bring out compassion and understanding as part of their nurturing demeanor.


Now that there’s a basis on how the zodiac signs can be split into four broader groups to determine an overarching sense of how each zodiac tends to act we can move forward in discussing compatibilities. Using these two contradicting, yet simultaneously true statements — “birds of a feather flock together,” and “opposites attract” —

We can make sense of how these compatibilities came to be.


Pisces and Aquarius 

Pisces’ are the most patient out of the water signs, which makes them a great match for the more cautious Aquarius. Once an Aquarius feels like a bond has formed, they go all-in, but it takes time for that bond to form and Pisces’ have that time to give.




Libra and Scorpio

Yet another air and water combo, both in this pairing are all-or-nothing. Scorpio holds the intensity, while Libra holds the devotion, so they have no shortage of commitment.


Aries and Taurus

This fire and earth pairing is one built out of balance. Aries’ natural inclination to spontaneous can teach the up-tight Taurus how to let go and have fun every once in a while, while the grounded Taurus can help provide guidance to Aries to help them achieve their goals more effectively and efficiently.


Gemini and Leo

Geminis are the least likely to be opposed to a good time and the vivacious nature of Leos are a perfect compliment to the fun-loving Gemini. Both are known to be out-going and social, so there are multiple fronts the two can relate on.


I realize there aren’t any matches for Sagittarius’, Capricorns, Cancers or Virgos in here, but worry not, there are friendships out there for you. This article by Amanda Chatel on Bustle is structured by zodiac, and goes on to list multiple compatible friendship pairings for each zodiac. For those who already have a friend in mind and just want to check the compatibility, use this calculator from Astrobix, this calculator from AstroFame, or this calculator from Astrotheme. Before you take what’s written in the stars as something that’s written in stone, remember that friendships can also come from unlikely places and combinations!