When and where you were born in this universe is a powerful combination that makes you uniquely you.  Do you identify with your sign and everything it represents?  If you have pride for your zodiac, here are a few different ways to display your love for your sign and everything it embodies.



Whether you want to dye your hair to represent your sign or paint a statement wall in your house, color is a powerful way to express your uniqueness.  Aries, being those fiery souls and ruled by Mars, will be attracted to the fiery reds.  Leo, ruled by the sun and a fire sign, would love a bright yellow or gold wall in their house.  Pisces lovers, search for colors of the ocean that embody the god of the sea.  You can also show your passion for your sign through the colors of your wardrobe, your nails, or anything you can think of!

woman with zodiac sign


Zodiac jewelry is really popular now, you can find all different varieties to signify your sign.  From a delicate necklace with the star constellation to a more obvious pendant with your sign, there are plenty of ways to display your birth.  Bold rings and signets, earrings or costume jewelry are also fun options for parties or extra pizzazz.  There is jewelry that suits every taste and style. You could even stack a few together to represent your children or family members.



Toss a couple of throw pillows on your couch of you and your significant other’s signs so everyone knows what they are dealing with when they walk through the door. Incorporating zodiac into your décor of your home will make for easy conversation starters and you might even learn a few things about your guests you didn’t know before.  Zodiac trinket dishes or artwork in a hallway are more subtle ways to display your birth pride.  Look for fun little ways to show these in your home and it will make you smile and be full of courage throughout the day.



Did you know there are certain foods that correspond with your star sign?  From different pastas, sandwiches or pancakes, there are sign specific foods.  Have a fun party with zodiac appropriate foods for your guests.  Leo’s enjoying flaming hot Cheetos, Taurus’ loving on donuts, or Scorpios snacking on strawberries, there are foods and themes for all the signs.  It could best the most interesting party that would be informational, fun and the conversation will be flowing just like your zodiac themed drinks.


There are so many ways to incorporate your zodiac sign into your life, the possibilities are endless.  The great thing is you can be as obvious or subtle as you want to express your unique style and personality.