We already know that certain star signs have defining personalities and characteristics that are so accurate they are scary.  Why not use this information to create the perfect date night for your crush or significant other?  With each of the zodiac signs, there are things that make them uniquely happy.  Find out what makes them joyful and center a whole date around it.  Here’s to many successful date nights in and out!


Cooking or Art Classes

Certain signs love trying and learning new things.  Take your Aquarius or Pisces date to a cooking class or paint and sip party.  They will love getting out of their comfort zone and express their creativity.  These signs enjoy using their imaginations and being artistic.  It could also be a fun idea to share a passion of yours that you could teach your date like hitting the driving range or local tennis court.


Music and Entertainment

Scorpios love good music, find out their favorite artist or type of music and take them out for a date they’ll never forget.  It will be a surefire way to their heart.  Outdoor concerts, casual lounges with piano music, an art walk – there are so many options for all styles and tastes of magical melodies.  Libras love making people laugh, so maybe a fun comedy or improv club would be right up their alley.  These signs love having a good time full of excitement and activity.  Keep the date interesting by packing them full of entertainment.


Game Night

Aries love competition and love winning even more.  Plan a game night in or try a local pub trivia night.  Drinks and trivia will be a fun winning combination for your Aries date.  Even a classic game of mini golf is an enjoyable way to light the spark in your Aries’ heart.  Anything that will stimulate friendly competition with your Aries to keep things feisty will be the way to go.  Virgos love solving things, like puzzles and problems, so they would enjoy fun cooperative problem-solving date ideas like an escape room.  Give these signs a challenge and they will step up and remember your date for many years to come.


Good Food, Good Conversation

Some signs love good, meaningful conversation.  Geminis and Cancers love getting into deep topics and creating memories.  Do some research and find a quiet restaurant that will be the perfect setting for your connecting and memorable date.  Try a new place that neither of you have been to explore something new together or share your favorite eatery with your date and discuss with them why you love it so much.  They will appreciate your care and emotional connection.  Keep the wine flowing and you’ll never run out of words with these ones.


Zodiac signs have fun quirky qualities, and these can be the perfect inspiration for your next date night.  Give some of these a try and impress your date no matter what part of the calendar year they were born.