Dessert arguably can be the best part of any meal – it’s the grand finale and last impression, plus it tastes delicious.  If you are looking for the perfect dessert that not only compliments your meal, but also speaks to you on a different spiritual level, look no further than the stars to guide you.  Your Zodiac sign could be the missing piece to finding your favorite dessert.  Check out these pairings and see if you find something new about yourself you didn’t already know, with a sweet twist!



We all know Aries are fiery and can be impulsive – how about a chocolate lava cake to keep them on their toes?  You could even add some spicy Mexican chocolate to keep it hot.



Taurus loves the finer, luxurious things in life and tiramisu would be the perfect match with its strong, bold flavors.  The amount of effort and complexity of this dessert is right up their alley.



The black and white cookie is where its at.  Two side, two tastes, two personalities rolled into one.  Look no further than this delicious classic dessert.



With their caring and sweet nature, Cancers like the feeling of home and comfort.  Strawberry shortcake would taste just like that – the sweetness of the berries and whipped cream mixed with the spongy cake is a perfect match for this star sign.



Creativity with a love of showing off through presentation are the ideal elements of a cupcake.  Leos would love mixing it up with different flavors and decorations to have the ultimate dessert.



Virgos know hard work pays off, and these patient signs would be the perfect match for macarons.  They would probably be very successful making this delicate, fussy dessert.  Always appreciative of a hard day’s work, Virgos would love the complexity and skill it takes to make every bite flawless.



The most balanced dessert is one where you can plan where everything will have a place and there is a pleasing overall appearance.  Did someone say banana split?  The balanced bananas on either side with the cylindrical balls of ice cream in the middle and perfect cherry on top is a Libra’s dream.



Intense with lots of depth and passion, Scorpios and dark chocolate fudge are the ideal dark pair.  They are both decadent with intense flavors and whims.



This life-of-the-party sign would love mixing it up with gourmet muddy buddies – put a spin on your traditional Chex Mix and think of all the fun combinations you could create!

muddy buddies


Dependable, reliable and classic are the qualities Capricorns desire.  The classic chocolate chip cookie is the tried-and-true dessert that always pleases.



This free-spirited sign would feel like they were floating on air with cotton candy.  Trying all of the different flavors would tickle their fancy.



Varying moods and emotions run Pisces, and for that they need a dessert to keep up with the changing tides.  Cheesecake would do just that – there are so many varieties and ways to prepare it to cater to different moods and themes.  It can convey different emotions based on its flavors and decorations.  Pisces would love changing it up with this dessert.


Satisfying your sweet tooth has never been easier than when you let the stars guide you to your perfect pairing.