A friendly companion can make going through life a lot easier – whether it’s someone greeting you at the door when you come home, something snuggly to hug when you’ve had a bad day, or a running partner who keeps your energy high when you need it most.  Your Zodiac sign can determine the perfect pet match.  The two of you will be a match made in the stars that will foster a connection to last a lifetime.  Follow along to find your perfect pet pairing.



Man’s best friend plays well with many signs.  With the differing personalities of distinctive breeds, there’s a type for everyone.  Aries, who has energy coursing through its entire being, is a perfect match for the excitement of a dog.  Cancers love being protected, so a guard dog would provide security and a safe reliable buddy.  Taurus desires companionship, so having a friendly face to greet them at the door is ideal.  Watching TV together would create the perfect evening for Taurus friends.  Sagittarius are happy-go-lucky, which have you ever met a dog?  The energy would just bounce back and forth between the two, creating a fantastic lively relationship.  Lastly, Virgos would make a good match with canines, but they’d need to be well-behaved and trained, nothing too high strung for our Virgo friends. Staying away from smaller yippie breeds would be necessary for the partnership to work.



Geminis, with their ever-changing moods and duality, are the spirit animal of cats.  They will both keep each other on their toes (and paws!).  Leos, for obviously reasons, are feline in their own right, proud and have a penchant for showing off.  Capricorns like low maintenance things, lead an independent lifestyle and don’t mind taking care of business on their own.  Cats are just that and the two of you would be an ideal pair.


Reptiles and Exotic Pets

Aquarius likes to have fun and sometimes has interesting tastes that don’t follow the mainstream.  A reptile or something off the beaten path is perfect for that of an Aquarian nature.  Scorpios would also love showing off their exotic friend.  They are fearlessly curious, and the exotic pet world would fascinate them.



Pisces, of course, would feel a connection with the aquatic friends.  A strong connection with your water sign would be a lifelong bond together.  Feeding and taking care of the fish’s tank would be an homage to your Zodiac sign.  Libras like balance and harmony and would probably love watching the fish float along carelessly in their tank.  The calming glow of the tank would provide comfort in a world that can get out of hand so easily.


Finding the perfect match for you is easy with the help of the Zodiac.  Bonus points if you not only find a companion that compliments your sign, but also if their sign and your sign are a match together personality wise.  Have fun searching out for your next furry or scaly best friend!