Knowing your star sign is so commonplace that it’s become a cheesy bar pickup line, “hey baby, what’s your sign?” The universe is full of things that move about the sky, and if the moon can dictate the tides, it can also have power over your emotions. That’s where knowing your moon sign comes into play.

Sun Versus Moon

Understanding your star sign helps you nail down certain personality traits that are typically shared between you and others born under your zodiac, but have you ever wondered why you’re not as aloof as your Capricorn compadres? Your moon sign may explain that, as it reflects the emotional aspect we have driving us in our every day lives.

As a Sagittarius I’m an adventurous truth-seeking gambler, but as a Moon in Taurus, I seek stability in comfort and routine. Those aspects of my life haven’t always easily mingled together, but I am finding a balance.

Here’s Your Sign

Knowing your star sign is relatively simple since our planet takes a month to change signs as it revolves around the sun. Finding your moon sign takes a little more figuring, since the moon only stays in each zodiac for a couple of days. You’ll need your date of birth, your time of birth, and the location. Astro Seek has a handy moon sign calculator tool you can use to decipher your lunar sign.

The Run Down

Moon in Aries tend to be creatives with unfettered emotions.
Moon in Taurus are your reliable friends who have even keeled temperaments.
Moon in Gemini are spontaneous and communicative.
Moon in Cancer are homebodies with a penchant for talking out their feelings.
Moon in Leo are driven by pride and love.
Moon in Virgo tend to be sensitive and are easily overwhelmed by disorganization.
Moon in Libra are people pleasers who often hide their own feelings.
Moon in Scorpio are your grudge bearing pals who often reflect on their own emotions.
Moon in Sagittarius are adventurous with a glass half full outlook.
Moon in Capricorn tend to be emotionally constipated and cautious.
Moon in Aquarius thrive when seeking knowledge, another emotionally constipated moon sign.
Moon in Pieces are your empath friends.

There is another aspect in addition to the sun and planets driving the choices we make every day and how we react to the consequences of those choices. Now that you’ve found your moon sign, you can incorporate it into your star sign to see why you’ve always felt a little different from your Cancer counterparts.