The Roaring Twenties are upon us and I don’t know about you, but I’m interested in using every tool at my disposal to be the best I can be. Maybe that’s the adventurous, knowledge seeking Sagittarius in me, or maybe that’s just my good common sense talking. I don’t know.

Moon in Aries

2020 is finally your time to revisit that non-work-related project you’ve been kicking around. Channel some of that unbridled temperament you’ve got going on into innovation and make a solid plan about that book, album, or art piece you’ve always thought about starting.


Moon in Taurus

Your home is where the heart is, and you seek comfort in that. Go ahead and make the start of the new decade the time you go into full blown nest mode. Around tax return time Mars will be in Aquarius, which brings about stability and structure. There’s nothing more structured than using your tax refund for home repairs and kitchen upgrades.

Moon in Gemini

You tend to think about your feelings, sometimes too much.  2020 is the year to leave old grudges behind and reconnect with someone you’ve been missing. You’re a gregarious sort, leave the past in the old decade and heal.


Moon in Cancer

Saturn stabilizes in June, and with it you may find it easier to rein in your emotions and start learning how to cope with your sensitivities when you’re outside your comfort zone. You’re already pretty good at working out your feelings by talking about them, but early summer is the best time to explore new ways.


Moon in Leo

In 2020, your hard work is going to pay off and you’re finally going to get that respect at work you’ve been striving for. Toward the end of the year, a promotion or new opportunity will arise.


Moon in Virgo

Someone will come into your life that will make you laugh. Your ability to pick up on all the moods around you will come in handy in this instance, because your new friend’s whimsy will rub off and help you to give up a little control.


Moon in Libra

Mercury enters Pieces at the beginning of February, and that means strong instincts for you. That’s a good time for you to evaluate your relationships. Libra is a social butterfly, if you find out your current situation isn’t bringing you joy, the next one is right around the corner.


Moon in Scorpio

Your jealousy will get the best of you in the spring, but by the fall equinox you’ll have reined that in and become a gentler, more thoughtful person. Your instincts aren’t always the best.


Moon in Sagittarius

This is the year you’ll find someone who loves to travel as much as you do. You may even shed your total independent streak in May when Mercury goes into Gemini with the sun, facilitating a love connection.


Moon in Capricorn

In 2020 you’ll take that gamble you’ve always dreamed of. Your path may have a rough start, but the end will have the payoff you were hoping for.


Moon in Aquarius

Mars will be in Aquarius in April. Take this as a sign to make the start of the 20s the time when you’ll learn how to stop trying to bury your emotions. By the middle of the year, you’ll be figuring it all out and on the road to self-enlightenment.

Moon in Pieces

Now is the time to start that charity you’ve always day-dreamed about. You’ll use that sensitive, nurturing spirit of yours to help a lot of people this year, and in turn you’ll feel accomplished and successful.