Wondering what or where your next vacation should be?  You couldn’t plan one more suited to you than by following your Zodiac to give you all the answers.  Everything from where to go to what activities to engage in, let the universe take all the guess work out of it.  You’ll have a relaxing vacation that is perfectly catered to you and your personality.  Try having the ultimate vacation by following the stars and using this guide.


The Beach Getaway

Relaxing by the beach is the perfect trip for many people.  Feeling the sun on your skin and the ocean waves in the background while you sip on a pina colada is the best way to unwind and recharge.  Aries, a fire sign, with its spicy nature, will love the warm sand mixed with the cool waters.  Leo is another sign that will bask in the sun and get the best tan at the beach.  Aquarius likes to spice things up in their lives, and a beach getaway to somewhere in the Caribbean would be a perfect match.  Sagittarius loves classic things, so an iconic trip to the seaside would be a great way to unwind.  It’s all about walking on the beach, swimming in the ocean, eating good food and repeat.


Cabin in the Woods

Who doesn’t love a cozy cabin the woods for a getaway?  Cancer loves cozy, so this would be an awesome idea for them to relieve the stress.  Taking in the quiet woods without much distraction are the ways Virgos like to vacation.  They love the practical, so building a fire and enjoying it later in the evening would soothe the Virgo mind.  Capricorn, serious in nature, would enjoy nature hikes, taking in all the sights and sounds of earth to comfort them.


The Strange and Unusual

Traveling to lands unknown and the road less taken is where these Zodiacs thrive.  Scorpios, with their ever-changing moods, would love a change of scenery from their day-to-day life.  Maybe a trip to Tokyo or the Netherlands would switch things up a bit.  Libras love trying new things, so hop on that airplane to somewhere you’ve never been before and enjoy what this world has to offer.  Curiosity reigns supreme with Geminis, so throw a dart at a map and see where it lands.  Traveling somewhere unknown would be the ultimate getaway for these types.


The Culinary Cuisine

How about a trip through Europe to all the best restaurants and food capitals? Taurus and Pisces, these types of vacations are for you.  They both would love to try out all the best spots and choose the winner of the best culinary creation.  The creative and critiquing sides of the Zodiac will love sharing their travels with whoever will listen.


Going on vacation, no matter where it is helps recharge the mind and soothes the soul.  Use the stars to plan your ultimate catered vacation experience and you’ll have memories to last a lifetime.