If you are feeling in a bit of a job rut or looking to change careers, maybe you don’t know where to turn first.  Maybe you want to explore new options and horizons for a career that will bring you happiness.  Trust in the power of the stars to help guide you towards job nirvana.  Here’s a helpful guide to start your search and point you in the right direction.  You’ll feel more fulfilled and achieve greater accomplishment if you are matched with your perfect career.


Leadership Positions

Star signs like Capricorn love to delegate and are strict and stubborn.  They hold people accountable and would be natural born leaders.  Pisces are great organizers and are patient and understanding, making them someone people would trust and put their faith in – a well-respected boss or potentially a friendly human resources representative would be a fantastic fit.  Aries, with their strong personalities, would lead a team to victory and love being in charge of projects.  They’ll feel great purpose in leading the way.  Leos are also natural leaders and would enjoy motivating a team towards success.


Creative jobs and Thinking Outside the Box

Aquarius and Taurus both love being able to have a good work-life balance.  It makes them a perfect fit for a job that gives them more flexibility to enjoy life and all the things it has to offer.  Geminis are creative types that constantly need to be challenged.  A job like social media manager or marketing will keep the wheels turning and the tasks coming.  Sagittarius have bright personalities with lots of sparkle, these outgoing types need a job that keeps them interacting – maybe working with customers and the ever-changing moods would give them great success professionally.


Caring and Nurturing Careers

If you are thinking you might want a job in the medical field and are a Cancer, it would be a great fit.  Cancers are very nurturing and responsible.  They get fulfillment from taking care of others.  They will connect well with others and their feelings.  Scorpios would excel at teaching with their unpredictability.  They’d love teaching a kick-ass kick boxing class or a class of unruly 5th graders.


Logistics and Clerical

We need people in this world who love paperwork, rules, and regulations.  Virgos are experts in this field as they are meticulous rule followers.  They’ll notice one thing out of line and have a strong desire to make it right.  Crunching numbers and crossing every T will give them great purpose.  Libras, with their balancing act, would be wonderful at seeing a situation from both sides and being diplomatic so all is fair.  The justice system always needs fair and just types, so maybe a position in a courtroom or as a lawmaker would be the perfect match.


Try searching the stars for your next career move, it might surprise you how far it will take you.  Finding greater purpose and exceling in your new job venture will bring happiness to your life as a whole and those around you.