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Astrology and Horoscopes are nothing new. They have been around as long as any other science. However, their following is beginning to grow again, and it is filled with millennials. People from every generation can find something in them, but a more significant percentage of the millennial generation is looking to them. Why is this large increase in interest happen right now? Why are more from this generation interested and not the ages on either side? These are exciting questions worth taking a look at and trying to find the connection. Here are some thoughts on why this trend is occurring at this point and time.



Everyone is looking for a little excitement in a world where we have been locked in our homes for the past year. Horoscopes bring this into a dull outlook. They are never boring. Positive or negative, they are always bringing something new to the table. They can open your eyes to possibilities that you would never think up, giving you a goal or something to look forward to. Try it out some times and see if looking into your start sign and reading your horoscopes helps get you excited about your future.




Anxiety is being spoken about more and more, and it is plaguing the millennial generation. They are at an age where they are making many decisions, and it can leave this group with an anxious feeling. When you are dealing with anxiety, knowing what will happen next can help calm your nerves. Some see astrology as a way to do just this. They can learn what is going to happen before it happens and be able to prepare themselves. A coping mechanism for anxiety is to be prepared before heading out. Millennials see horoscopes as a way to do just that.



Along the same lines as anxiety, we have stress. At the same time, both are uneasy feelings that can be dealt with in different ways. Anxiety can be something that is with a person all the time, while stress is more situational. However, millennials are dealing with them in the same way. CBS reported that “Millennials self-report more stress and less certainty about their future than any generation before them.” Believing in astrology or just enjoying something lighthearted during stressful moments brings more attention and traffic to horoscopes and astrology.



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Religion is becoming less important to the newer generation. Pew research asked different ages how important religion was in their life. Baby boomers had the highest percentage feeling it was necessary at seventy-two percent. Only forty-one percent of Millennials found religion an essential aspect of their lives. Astrology is filling in the gap with its beliefs. Without a built-in belief system, it is easy for them to turn to other alternatives to explain the world.


Dive into the world of astrology and horoscopes. It may be just what you were missing. And if anything, a great form of entertainment.