Not all Astrology shops or sites are created equal. It would be best to find a place with the features that meet your needs. There is no need to waste time on a horoscope that doesn’t have everything you want. When you dive into the world of Astrology, make sure to do it right. There are some top sites that you need to look at.


Keen is the top used site right now. There are a lot of perks to trying them out. They have over a hundred Astrology readers to choose from. You can also decide how you want to get your reading. Those that love to talk on the phone can, or through email and online chat. There is also a mobile app to use. Looking at the price, they are very competitive. A ten-minute session will only cost you two dollars. Even if you are not looking for a reading, Keen has other exciting features. Articles on everything Astrology are there for your pleasure and education. Those that have used have noted the lack of bilingual readers. Another con is that those Astrology readers that are very popular can be more expensive.


If you are looking for a free place to get some Astrology, Kasamba might be the site for you. They will let you sign up for free horoscopes. You can get them daily, weekly, or monthly. They cost just like other websites if you want a more personal reading. Kasamba offers Chinese and Vedic readings, whichever you would prefer. Those that have rated them have raved about their tarot readings. Their mobile app is straightforward to navigate, making getting a reading on the go more convenient. After your reading you can rate your Astrologer, and if you are not satisfied, you can get a full refund.

Find Astrologer

If sites and apps are not your thing, find a local person you can meet with. One way to find a good Astrologer is to ask those you know for a recommendation. Those without a lot of friends into Astrology may need another avenue. Find Astrologer is a site that you can use to find Astrologers in your town. You can look at what each has to offer and find the perfect match before giving them a call. On the website, you can also take advantage of some light reading. There are many articles that you can learn from, along with other services in your area.

Trial and Error

When trying to find a source, you may have to try a few before getting the perfect fit. Try both top apps right now before settling on one. You may even find that they each have something specific to offer. The same goes for finding a local Astrologer. But, again, you may need to meet a few before finding your perfect match.

You need to have a reliable source. Don’t stay with a subpar Astrology reading.