If you are not a Leo, you are bound to know one. Learning more about a Leo can help you understand yourself or others more. There is a lot to dive into. Each piece gives another layer. There are many details that you may not be as fond of. All the good and bad characteristics help figure out a Leo’s personality. It can also help you know the best way to approach one or if a relationship of any kind is destined to last.


Astrology is full of symbols. The zodiac sign is a lion, Leo the lion. The element of the Leo is fire. Both signs are spirited and in your face. When you think of fire and lions, you think of the top of the pecking order, the royals of their jungles. The ruling planet of this sign is the sun, another top symbol for Leo. Another sign that is fun to look at is the stones representing each sign. The Leo’s fall into two months, July and August. Those in July get the red ruby and the green Peridot in August. Two flashy gems to grab the attention of others.


Many positive traits seem to gravitate around Leos. Just like their sign, the lion, they are not known for hiding. You will know it when they are around you. Leos are natural leaders that like to be doing something productive. However, this does not mean that they are only looking out for themselves. Leos are also known for their generosity and compassion. If there is a need, they will not be shy about bringing a helping hand.


Being a natural leader Leos get used to having all eyes on them, and they like it. Leos can be attention seekers wanting things to revolve around them. They can also be very opinionated and stubborn about their opinion. In some cases, this can lead to them being known as a hothead. There is a time when being too passionate can backfire. They are not one to back down from a confrontation. Leos are also known to be more on the possessive side, leading to some jealousy.


While many healthy relationships may not fall into these combinations, some are written in the stars. Fire attracts other fire. Aries and Sagittarius are also fire signs and pair well in many types of relationships with Leos. Leos are looking for someone to support their passions. They find this in some air signs as well. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius have the energy to encourage a Leo and not put a damper on their goals. With a Leos overpowering at times personality, you wouldn’t want to pair them with any sign that is known for being timid. Every relationship needs to have the right balance and can be tricky.

There is a good and bad side to everything in life. Knowing both gives you the upper hand.